Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Safari was so much fun. I never thought I would have an opportunity like this any other time. I did learn alot about poop during our four hour walk through the wild. We didnt see animals that day and if we did they were all far away. The mountain climb was incredible. I am so proud of myself and everyone else who got up there and reached the top. I am afraid of heights ill admit it. When we were close to the top at some point we had to literally rock climb up there I was crawling and holding on sooo tight to the rocks. I was amazed with Simon, Killerai, and Paolo because they climbed up there with tire shoes and they made it seemed so easy. We reached the hardest point which we nicknamed the spider man crawl. I was terrified but i knew there was no turning back I had to do it. I trusted Simon and Killerai, so i took the first step torward the tree limb. I followed the instructions carefully I DID NOT want to fall. I put my right leg up first reached my arms up to get a hold of the rocks beside me pushed my self up and put my left leg up for support and I started spider man crawling through the cave. At some point my right leg wasn't positioned correctly im guessing and slipped I screamed but i was safe because Simon and Paolo reached out and grabbed me (even though I wasn't up in the air anymore). I could hear everyone else behind me cheering me on and screaming out "Go Betty" and that really did help alot. I was motivated and had everyones support and I really think that is what made me strong enough to push myself into doing it. We kept hiking up the mountain I kept thinking to myself omg are we there yet, don't look down, and I cant believe I just did that. But we weren't far from the top. Let me tell you when we made it I was the most proud person ever, I think. I would have never hiked a mountain to the top, not at home not anywhere, because I didn't think I could do it. But the fact that I pushed myself into reaching the top and not turning around made me so proud. I think so far this is way cooler than any zebra out there. The way down was better than the way up. It was just soooo slippery everyone kept falling no one really got injured as bad as Sarah did. She sprained her ankle. But she put on a strong face and made it down the mountain. We all let her know that she can do it she can make it to the bottom. Killerai called the truck for Sarah and for us. It was not a very big truck we fit like sardines in the back. It was pretty tight and uncomfortable in there but overall I had a blast. The next couple of days we were confined in the man truck. We went to the national parks. At first we didn't see any animals but then we spotted an elephant and its family. It was amazing how they knew we were there cause they would just stand still as if they were fake. We were all busy taking pictures of the baby we didnt notice there was another elephant on the left side of the truck. We were all startled by the loud noise he made. It was so adorable but kind of scary because it was pretending to charge the truck it was cute though we actually wanted him to charge us. We saw plenty of animals that day zebras, leopard. wildabeast, buffalo, elephants, giraffes, baboons, and some birds. But NO LIONS! I was pretty dissapointed. I really wanted to see a lion on the safari and so far I think its been 4 days and still no lion. 

Until friday, at the crater. We had to wake up so early that day. We got separated into jeeps I was in a jeep with Massimo, Cade, Camryn, Mrs.Hartman, and Travis. We were a quiet jeep. The rim of the crater was freezing literally below 0 temperature the wind hurt the skin our fingers were to cold to release the shutter on the camera, but the view was worth it all. It is hard to describe how beautiful it was. When your there you take a minute just to soak it all in to enjoy it, aaannd than you run back to the jeep. In the crater we saw the usual animals except elephants and giraffes they don't usually go down there. We kept driving and driving still no really big excitement. Until we see a line of cars on the road traffic jam we thought but no we heard through the radio it was a lion eating a zebra. YESS! Finally a Simba. It took us years to get to the lion there were jeeps going from left to right, back to front if they could they would have jumped over each other it was crazy. We were all getting impatient but we took a breathe and waited. The wait was worth it because we got right in front of it. It was like watching a movie I mean the lion was enjoying its catch but at the same time watching his back because there were hainas trying to steal its food. The lion would pay no attention to us though it was like she enjoyed all the attention we were giving her. We sat there for  a while and than left for other people to enjoy. 

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